Alex Vidan

Dr. Alex Vidan has a vision for Chiropractic that reaches far beyond his successful practice, where he has received honors as Top Chiropractor in St. Louis. Dr. Vidan served as the Team Chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals organization starting in 2010 and during their 2011 World Championship season. Since 2008, he has been a health and wellness consultant for Fox 2 News and NBC News and has been in over 300 news segments, and even represented the ICA in China and was featured on Chinese television. Dr. Vidan has also trained doctors and teams both nationally and internationally for over a decade in his own seminars, at Fortune 500 companies, and on the largest stages in the chiropractic profession. 

Dr. Vidan understands that successes are built by strong teams and their leaders; and neither develop by accident. His experience with the Cardinals organization gave him a unique perspective on what to focus on as a team, and what sets you apart as a leader. Dr. Vidan credits much of his ability to achieve his personal and professional goals to the supportive team that he has built around him. He is passionate about helping build teams within chiropractic practices to help other doctors and team members fulfill their potential and bring chiropractic to the forefront of healthcare.  

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