Lori Morgan

Lori Morgan is the founder of C.A.’s For Life and has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant Coach and Trainer since April 2001. Before that time, she worked as a CA for 15 years in a high-volume practice where she developed the skills and background needed to be a successful Coach. Her goal is to help every Chiropractic Assistant she mentors to become a Chiropractic Advocate. She understands to do so your team must be trained in philosophy and procedures. They must truly embrace Chiropractic Philosophy because with that understanding they can truly help you to build the practice of your dreams.

“I knew my first week in the practice, when I attended my first Parker Seminar that Chiropractic was going to be my life’s path. I had never been surrounded by people who loved what they did, as I was that weekend. It inspired me to continue to learn and grow and develop myself into the Chiropractic Advocate I am today”.

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